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Tips to make your bridal shopping memorable

Tips to make your bridal shopping memorable
We see a lot of brides and we know that the dress selection can be an ordeal, especially if you don’t give yourself enough time or if you think that you can make everyone happy. At Perfect Bride we know that with a few of the right tips that shopping experience can be just as rewarding as the actual weddng day. OK, perhaps not quite as rewarding, but nearly …
Know your budget and stick to it. It’s not a good idea to fall in love with a dress that is outside of her budget. That can only lead to disappointment. So, before you secect a that dress, tell the bridal consultant what your budget is.If you take a bit of time then you’ll find that there are amazing dresses for any budget.
Make a day of it
This is such a special time for every bride.  Clear your calendar for the day and go dress shopping.  We recommend visiting 2-3 bridal shops, so you will have enough options to find your perfect dress. Remember there are so many options out there and it will confuse you when you have to make your decision on which dress to choose if you look at too many dresses. That can make the experience stressful. Pick your 2-3 favourite bridal boutiques and take it from there.
Who should you bring along
Too many voices and opinions can make the experience become overwhelming. It can distract you of what you really want and what you had in mind for your perfect wedding dress. Keep your guest shoppers to a maximum of 2-3, people whose opinion you really trust and respect. Remember – this is YOUR special dress.
Use the colour scheme that makes you happy and marry the man of your dreams!
What to wear
It’s a good idea to bring along a good pair of undies.  Wear nude or white seamless underwear, it is also a good idea to have your shape wear on if you intend to wear that with your dress.
If you plan to wear your hair up on your wedding day, have a beautiful bun so you can get the full picture.
We do recommend too keep your make up to a minimum so that it doesn’t get on the dress.
Give yourself time
Start your dress shopping  6-8 months before the wedding. Our dresses take about 3 months to be completed and that way we’ll have more than enough time for alterations if needed.
We don’t recommend dress shopping a year in advance as styles will change and you might miss out on a dress you like more.
It’s all about you
Remember this is the time where it is all about you and your wedding. It’s about your personality and what you envision your wedding day to be like. When choosing your dress listen to you guest opinion but never forget that this is the one day in your life that is all about you, where the dress makes you feel beautiful. Use the colour scheme that makes you happy and marry the man of your dreams!