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December 22 , 2018 / Posted by Squareplum Studio / Budget Fitting Shopping /

Reasons to shop online with us at Perfect Bride, rather than anywhere else

There is a growing trend in the wedding industry, for brides to order their dresses online rather than going into a store to purchase. At Perfect Bride, we’re totally into this idea and we think it’s a great way for some brides to find their dream gown. The only problem is the safety and credibility of the site you choose to use. Some Chinese sites have been falsely advertising dresses, and brides are devastated when their gown arrives and it’s a totally different color, style or size to what they expected.
We want to do everything we can to help you avoid this heartbreak, and steer you toward shopping online with stores you can trust.
Here are our the pro’s of shopping with a site like us, and the cons of what could happen if you opt to order from somewhere without good reviews and a history of happy brides:

1. For most of these online stores, brides don’t have the ability to try on or physically inspect the item they’re purchasing, leaving them susceptible to fraud. At Perfect Bride, although you choose the dress from one of our online collections, there is still huge involvement from our staff and us. Our dresses are also made and designed in Europe, where a huge amount of attention has been paid to every single one.

2. Online stores also run the risk of being illegitimate stores and therefore shoppers are never sure if it’s safe to shop or not. At Perfect Bride, we have feedback and images of our brides so you can see exactly how beautiful they looked on their big day, and how happy they were with their purchase! To see the beautiful brides and their reviews, click here.

3. Online stores don’t usually offer anything but what you can see online. At Perfect Bride, you can add your own personal touches to any of our already existing collection dresses.  We’re here to make sure you get exactly what you want and you feel as beautiful as possible on your special day. Because we work with your measurements when you place your order, there is usually no need to make any changes or alterations because the dress has been made to your exact specifications.

4. Another problem with most online stores, especially those that stock thousands of dresses and employs hundreds of staff, is the lack of communication. You may want to change something or ask a question, you’ll probably end up struggling to get in touch with someone or talk to the same person more than once. There’s nothing worse than being constantly redirected or ignored. At Perfect Bride, you get in touch with us and we’re there for you from start to finish. We have a small team and we are aware of each bride and each order as if it was our own wedding day.

We hope these pointers help you to realize how important it is to use a wedding dress website you can count on. Your dress is one of the most important aspects of your big day, and you don’t want to skimp on anything, or even worse, have no dress to actually wear on your big day! Get in touch with us at Perfect Bride, and we’ll make your dream a reality!