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Does this style look good on me?

Does this style look good on me?

When looking for the perfect dress you have to consider your body type and which dress will fit like a glove. Now I don’t mean that all brides have to go looking for a tight fitting dress, what I mean by “like a glove” is that the dress you look for ticks all those imaginary boxes to make it stand out as the ONE.

There are many dress styles and it can get quite confusing when choosing the right one. Every bride wants to look amazing on their wedding day, so this is an extremely important aspect when it comes to dress shopping.

Knowing your body type helps a lot as this your main foundation, so do your research thoroghly!

Before you go into bridal boutiques know what you are looking for. Don’t go looking for a dress that doesn’t accentuate the body type that you have.

To explain this in more detail, here are some of the dress styles, we have available. We call these silhouettes:

  • Empire
  • A-line
  • Ball gown
  • Sheath
  • Mermaid

Wedding gown styles

This style has a small tight bodice that finishes just under the breast area, a style mostly suited to short brides as the long flowing skirt can give an elongated illusion. Pregnant ladies also pull off this look amazingly as the bump can be shown off proudly and mama bear can still feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. These are some of our Empire dresses.

This style of dress is the go to dress if you are unsure about what your body type is to begin with as it suits all body types. The A-line has a fitted bodice that clings to your waist highlighting your narrowest point, you then have a skirt in the shape of a letter A that flows to the ground. Have a look at our A-Line range.

Ball gown:
When thinking of what a real fairy tale wedding dress looks like, this is what you would think of. With the fitted bodice and full bell shape skirt all you can think of is Cinderella and her glass slipper. Though this is a timeless and classic style dress, I would shy away from this style if you are petite as it can drown you out with all that fabric. As the skirt is nice and poufy it can be forgiving and flattering to fuller chested brides by balancing the top half with the bottom half. Click here to see the Ball Gown range.

This dress style is for the more beach casual type of wedding; the long straight lines give a lengthening effect, therefore petite brides should go for this style. The shape can either drape over your natural body shape or have long lines like a column. A sleek and effortless design. Have a look at the dresses here.

The mermaid silhouette is such a flattering style as it has a fitted bodice all the way down to your mid-thigh area giving you the perfect hour glass look. The skirt then flares out into the shape of a mermaid tail, although a curvy bride suits this look best, the straighter bodies can also get that hour glass look. Here is our range of Mermaid dresses.

Whatever shape you have, you’ll be sure to find just the right dress from our very large selection. Contact us today.